Warby Parker is a notable eyewear maker. It primarily focuses on selling its very own prescription eyeglasses and designer sunglasses for both men and women. The frames it makes are renowned for integrating innovative materials. Some of the most prominent are premium cellulose acetate, ‘color-rich’ stainless steel and ultra-lightweight titanium. The various lenses used in its products are crafted with shatter-resistant materials. They are also scratch-resistant and can completely protect users from exposure to the sun’s UV rays. These given lenses are treated with super-hydrophobic as well as anti-reflective coatings too. When it comes to sunglasses, this brand offer many that are polarized, and all of them are scratch-resistant and provide total protection from UV rays.

Why do people shop at Warby Parker?

This eyewear brand has become a hit with so many individuals for a variety of factors. For instance, it is acclaimed for its varied collections of prescription eyeglasses, which are to be had for jaw-dropping prices. Warby Parker has also put in place a unique ‘home-try on’ program that is accessible to all its potential clients. You get the opportunity to pick 5 frames, and try them out for 5 days, before ultimately settling for the one you like best. It is important to note that this company foots all the shipping costs involved in this arrangement. On the other hand, this eyewear brand is dedicated to the conservation of the environment. Unlike most of its competition, it is now one of the very few businesses in this industry which are carbon neutral. Also, this firm has a serious community service program. For each pair of frames it manages to sell, it give another to the needy totally free of charge.

Warby Parker popular eyewear products

Warby Parker has a number of very popular products for both men and ladies. In the context of men eyeglasses, you can pick from Hayes, Ames, Eliot, Burke or even Wilkie collections. For ladies, there is the Addie, Louise, Blair or even Upton collections. There are some popular sunglasses from this brand for both men and women. As a man, you can choose from Barkly, Stanton, Robinson or Jennings collections. If you are a lady, there is the Piper, Tilley, Nancy, Raglan or even the Vivian collections to pick from.

Warby Parker shipping service

This company makes it a point to provide a free shipping service to all its clients in the US.

Warby Parker return policy

To underscore the unparalleled quality of its eyewear, this brand offers a ‘no question asked’ 30-day return policy for all its products.

Warby Parker cost-saving benefits

Warby Parker business operations are very unique. It does its best to circumvent the traditional marketing channels in this industry. Its designs are also developed in-house, and it engages its clients directly without any 3rd parties. The advantages realized through this business approach are then passed to the clients as very competitive prices. If you look you can always find a Warby Parker coupon for discounts on specific eyewear.